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  • Heavy Plant Hire in Barnstaple
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  • Ground Work Machinery in Devon
  • Ground Work Machinery in Barnstaple
  • Agricultural Machinery in Devon
  • Agricultural Machinery in Barnstaple

A&B Contractors

29 - Jul - 2015

Plant hire and civil engineering.

Sales and Job Vacancies

Sales and Job Vacancies

Contract / Share Farming and Farm Business Tenancies

We are expanding into farming rented acres to grow corn and wholecrop, fodder beet and forage maize. We would welcome opportunities from interested landowners and farmers who may be looking at alternative methods of farming their land without giving up their ownership.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss and explore contract / share farming / farm business tenancy options within North and West Devon.

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Job Vacancies

  • Heavy Plant Hire in Devon
  • Civil Engineering in Devon
  • Civil Engineering in Barnstaple
  • Lorry Hire in Devon
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